The electrical and electronics (E&E) industries in Malaysia aims to strengthen the available ecosystem especially in the area of semiconductor, solar energy, light emitting diodes (LED), storage technologies and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). The industry itself contributed RM380.81 billion in Malaysia’s export value for the year 2018; garnering the largest share among others (Source: MATRADE). According to SEMI, an international organization in the semiconductor field, Penang itself contributes approximately 8% of the global back-end semiconductor output, making it among the world’s leading location for microelectronics assembly, packaging and testing.

The E&E industries in Malaysia can be generally categorized into 6 sub-sectors which are:

Electronic Components

Encompasses semiconductor devices, passive components, printed circuits board and other electronic components such as media, substrates and connectors.

Companies: Intel, TF-AMD, Broadcom, IBIDEN, Analog Devices

Consumer Electronics

This sub-sector is represented by many renowned Japanese and US companies, which have contributed significantly towards the rapid growth of the sector. Includes the manufacturing of audio-visual products,storage devices, digital cameras, gaming consoles and personal mobile devices.

Companies: SONY, Panasonic, Western Digital, DELL, SanDisk

Industrial Electronics

This refers to multimedia information technology products such as computers and computer peripherals, telecommunications equipment, office equipment and boxes-built products for industrial applications.

Companies: BOSCH, Motorola, Keysight Technologies, SAM Engineering, ViTrox

Electrical Products

Currently there are more than 381 companies producing a wide range of products such as household electrical appliances, wire and cables and electrical industrial equipment. Incorporates three sub-sectors, namely industrial equipment, electrical components and household appliances.

Companies: OSRAM, B-Braun, Abbott Laboratories, Flex, Lumileds, Tecomet

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Covers the design, manufacturing, testing, distribution and provision of repair services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) – also known as electronics contract manufacturing (ECM).

Companies: Plexus, Jabil, Benchmark, Sanmina, Inari Amertron

Renewable Energy

Manufacturing of photovoltaics (PV) equipment covering solar panels, solar wafers, solar cells and modules.Malaysia is the world’s third largest producer of PV cells.

Companies: Jinko Solar, JA Solar